About Noelle Chorney

I love a lot of things, but above all, I love a challenge. That’s why I have been pursuing new and exciting projects that come my way over the last 12 years that I’ve been leading Tall Order Communications.

I also love to learn. The projects I take on stretch me out of my comfort zone. I love talking to clients, scientists, designers, web developers, and seeing the world from their perspective.

I thrive on the spaces between disciplines, where it’s hard to define exactly what I do based on established job types, like marketing, communications, journalism, and writing. I do aspects of all of those, but from the perspective of creating experiences and inspiring people rather than from meeting marketing targets or communications goals (although I do that too, in the process of creating experiences).

I arrived in my current position by saying yes to what I enjoy doing, even when I didn’t know whether that was going to allow me to succeed. I’m happy and grateful to say it has, and I thoroughly enjoy my eclectic path of partnering, learning, creating, problem-solving, and all things content.

I also love food. While this doesn’t always factor into my work, it is one of the ways I connect with people—by feeding them, dining with them, talking about food with them, and offering restaurant recommendations in cities I’ve traveled to. Any food-loving clients I’ve had tend to turn into long-term friendships—and we still meet as often as possible, over dinner. And I share my adventures on my blog, Amazon in the Kitchen.


I have a Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Calgary. How did that launch me into my current career, you ask (everyone asks that)? I learned during my last degree that I am too much of a generalist to pursue any further graduate work (1/3 of my coursework and my thesis topic involved English and Literature, even at the Master’s level).

But what I’m really good at is pulling out the important points, knitting them together into a new synthesis of ideas, and communicating that clearly and concisely. I’ve been doing versions of this ever since in every aspect of my career.


I began my career as a content developer with AldrichPears Associates, Ltd. This was the perfect place to learn to work with talented and creative individuals on interdisciplinary, story-driven projects.

Shortly after I moved home to Saskatoon in 2003, I was laid off, and shortly after that, became self-employed, taking on a museum writing project with a former client. I have worked with several communications firms, and maintain a strong connection with Reach Communications in Saskatoon. I have since discovered that content development for museums translates effectively into content strategy and management for websites, and I have been building partnerships and experience in that realm since 2012.

It took me over 10 years to launch my website, because I have been blessed with loyal colleagues and clients who have recommended me for project after project. Beyond building strong trust relationships with everyone I work with, from clients to partners, I didn’t take the time to let the broader world know I exist. That was then, this is now. Along with taking on more leadership roles, I have accepted it's time to let the world know I'm here and ready to serve.


Noelle has demonstrated an understanding of web content beyond our expectations, and continues to impress with her vast knowledge and experience. On a professional level, she has hit every deadline, always present and accountable. Her project management style is clear and concise, while being flexible to meet the needs of the greater team.

Amanda Carlson

Product Owner for City of Saskatoon Website Project

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