Content is complicated. It is messy. And it is always underestimated. It seems so simple. It’s ‘just words’. And yet without organizing principles and structure, it quickly gets overwhelming and out of control.

I thrive on complicated. My modus operandi is to derive order from chaos. If it’s overwhelming and messy, and it’s content, I’m eager to get started on the cleanup.

I’ve come across IT people and developers who describe content people as “creative types”. Sure we’re creative problem solvers, and we work in words. But we also know how to build solid structures and organizing elements for those words to live in. I spend as much time creating information architecture spreadsheets and visitor experience matrices, mapping experiences and stories together, as I do writing anything.

I am an agent of change. I am the person who helps guide clients through change situations, whether it be a new museum, a new interpretive plan that will need to be implemented, or a new website. These are uncomfortable times for any organization. I understand that, and I’m there to help by listening, offering ideas, taking action and supporting internal teams with an orderly and clearly communicated process.

Content may be complicated, but there is always a way through. I would be delighted to show you the way.

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Noelle has demonstrated an understanding of web content beyond our expectations, and continues to impress with her vast knowledge and experience. On a professional level, she has hit every deadline, always present and accountable. Her project management style is clear and concise, while being flexible to meet the needs of the greater team.

Amanda Carlson

Product Owner for City of Saskatoon Website Project

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